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AGRILA is modular smart farming system built on latest Internet of Things and Cloud technologies. It includes in-field sensor stations, an innovative irrigation model, weather  and satellite data and intuitive user interface. The farmers can boost yield, while reducing the fertilizer and water usage and operation costs. This not only optimizes the expenses, but helps fighting the negative impact on soil and climate in times of massive planet’s land degradation.

We are continuously integrating further services, scientific models and equipment in order to provide our clients the maximum benefit of digitalization and modern technologies. Currently farmers pay separate fees for satellite data, weather forecasts, sensor equipment, machinery trackers, scientist support and install and maintain different accounts. AGRILA integrates all these services in a single solution and user interface, while the subscription fee is unbeatable.

AGRILA Overview:

AGRILA Features:

Wireless sensor station
Irrigation Model
Drone Scans and Analysis On Demand
Regular Satellite Data for Vegetation 
and Water Content Index
Unbeatable device and service cost
Easy and intuitive field data overview
 Mobile and web data access
 Support hotline


Sensor Station Features:

AGRILA sensor station is based on cutting edge Internet of Things and Cloud technologies. This leads to optimized design, power consumption ease of maintenance, many smart functions and very low service and device costs. It also has a modular design, which allows to easily assemble an individual station for each field and farmer. The station comes with an integrated SIM card and no further hidden costs.

Soil moisture & temperature
Wind Speed
Rain amount
Air humidity and temperature
Easy to install and maintain
Wireless data transfer via GPRS
Theft detection and tracking
Powered by solar energy

Further Features:

Mobile and web application
Real time notifications
Detailed charts
Reports and surveys
Field info overview with Map
Satellite images for 
vegetation and water Index
Service support hotline
Scientific support Hotline

Irrigation Model:

AGRILA integrates IrriGATE – a revolutionary Decision Support Model of Archimedes UDSS LLC . At the core of the technology is the scientific work by our academic team which calculates the needs of plants at every phase of their growth. In doing so, it doesn’t require daily soil samples, satellite images or any other measurements apart from the regular meteorological information. Among the crops supported at the moment are maize, wheat, barley,  rye, beans, peas, sunflower, cotton, sugar beet, tobacco, potatoes, alfalfa, pastures, and the possibilities for completing this database are practically unlimited.


Satellite Images Examples:

AGRILA Next Steps:

Integration of Disease Model
Integration of DET: on-field diesel quality measurement service
Integration of Machinery GPS Trackers

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