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Modular IoT Sensor Station for Smart Agriculture

AGRILA is a modular smart agriculture sensor station built on latest Internet of Things and Cloud technologies. AGRILA sensors are supplied by German, Swiss, Danish and US manufactures. AGRILA is a white label IoT building block for companies and scientific institutes developing services and applications for smart agriculture (and not only).


AGRILA Overview:

AGRILA Features:

Modular mechanical construction
Easy to install and maintain
Made in EU
Unbeatable device and service cost
Powered by solar energy
Integrated SIM card with worldwide coverage


Sensor Station Features:

AGRILA sensor station is based on cutting edge Internet of Things and Cloud technologies. This leads to optimized design, power consumption ease of maintenance, many smart functions and very low service and device costs. It also has a modular design, which allows to easily assemble an individual station for each field and farmer. The station comes with an integrated SIM card and no further hidden costs.

Soil moisture & temperature
Wind speed, direction and gust
Rain amount
Air humidity and temperature
Leaf wetness
Solar irradiation
Customizable hardware and software
Easy integration via RESTful API
GPS localization
Theft and tilt detection
Detailed diagnostics
Remote SW Update

Further Features:

Mobile and web application
Real time notifications
Field info overview with map
Detailed charts and reports


Agrila partner and customer network of leading smart agriculture companies is constantly growing…


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